1. Anatomy of The Egg Bowl

    Link to read it the whole scoop on Food Network.

    Thanks Andrea Strong and Food Network for including Navy.

    Photo Credit : Nicole Franzen

  2. HONEY

    An amazing weekend was had…

    Westwind Orchards, Gentl and Hyers, honey focused meals.

    My recipes for: 

    Octopus Salad

    tomato, green coriander seeds, honey-chili citronette


    Squash and Herb Blossoms Frito Mixto

    chili honey

    on Andrea Gentl’s


    Photo Credit : Gentl + Hyers 

  3. A weekend of cooking and shooting with friends.

    Can’t wait to share…

    Photo Credit : Gentl + Hyers

  4. Rosa Ragosa Ice Cream

    from Andrea Gentl’s Where The Wild Things Are series on her Hungry Ghost Food And Travel blog.

    Thanks for including me in such a great weekend AG and MH xx.


    Photo Credit : Gentl + Hyers

  5. It’s up!  And I couldn’t be more excited about Cosmo Body’s new site which I’m part of.  The site just launched today, the body focused platform allows you to take part in some new-style, engaging work-outs at home, and if you’re like me and don’t like group exercise this is the jam.  It also has yoga, zen focused meditation, sex advise, cool work-out gear on the market and loads of other nuggets to empower.  I’ll have healthy-ish recipes to go along with any fit focused lifestyle.

    The first of 2o vids in my video-column series is now up… get inspired to make haute midday snacks in salty or sweet combos.  Stash them in your desk drawer for when you need that pick me up because empowered women need beautiful snacks. 

    All videos shot by Tara Sgroi :)

    Head here to get the goods…


  6. Sous Style + me = hearts

    Get the full love affair here…

  7. When I was approached with the potential of doing a beauty/food story for the Queen Mother of beauty Estée Lauder, I knew it had to be decadent and glamourous.  Estée Lauder created an empire by empowering woman with the simple approach that every woman is beautiful, that with the knowledge that your skin requires a certain set of skin care and colors appropriate for your make up then you will undoubtedly be comfortable in your skin.  

    Link to The Estée Edit, the new editorial venue on their site and watch the video by Tara Sgroi of me making chocolate covered marshmallows, Estée Lauder’s favorite sweet treat and read the accompanying beauty story written by another of my heros Fiorella Valdesolo.  Music by Kudu, one of my all time favorite groups.

    Photo Credit : Tara Sgroi

  8. I’ve been so busy getting Navy up and running and I’m happy to say it feels like we’ve just removed our training wheels and caught a bit of a stride.  Come visit.



    Photos:  Nicole Franzen

  9. I forever run the risk of singing the praises of dynamic duo Gentl and Hyers.  This master photog team deserves a whole essay about them, they are out of this atmosphere brilliant and talented but its how they are so down to earth and ever loving that makes them true gifts to all who know them.  Working on this Kinfolk shoot with them was our first real job together and I’ll forever cherish these photos.


  10. Profile on the New York Times by writer Laura Neilson and photographed by Evan Sung. Link on to read the full story about my new restaurant project Navy plus my home cooking essentials.


  11. No. 2 

    Puff Pastry

    The lovely and talented Sharon Radisch shot the recent puff pastry demo for Food 52 with me.  We thought it would be fun to take it to the next level and develop some savory and sweet pastries applications.  We came up with these… A pear tart with honey and sage salt, a rose petal croissant and a parsnip and nigella seed tart. 



  12. Get all Frenchy with this homemade puff pastry how-to on my Food 52 Beyond The Basics column.  Come back next week to see the finished items. 

    Photography by Sharon Radisch



  13. "It is not just the Great Works of mankind that make a culture. It is the daily things, like what people eat and how they serve it."
    — Laurie Colwin
  14. Go to Food 52 for the run down on my Beyond The Basics column for perfecting the royal poach.

    Video by Tara Sgroi

  15. Here’s another video, this one was in collaboration with the crew from First We Feast, Complex Magazine, Action Bronson, directed by Shawn Regruto, edited by Claire Malloy with special help from Butchdiva and 10 over 10.